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Graphic Design Dictionary - Letter A

Graphic Design Dictionary - Letter A

ASCII: Standard code for the representation of characters in computing and communication devices. 

ASCII Art: Art created using ASCII characters to form images or illustrations.

Abstraction: A simplified or conceptual representation of an object or idea, with unnecessary details removed. 

Abstract: An artistic style that focuses on unrepresentative shapes, colors, and lines of concrete objects.

Accessibility: Design and development of products or services that are accessible and usable by all people, including those with disabilities.

Action: A visual element or interaction that prompts the user to perform a certain action, such as clicking or swiping. 

Acrylic: A type of paint that uses an acrylic resin as a base and dries quickly.

Adaptability: The ability of a design or system to adjust and function efficiently in different contexts or situations. 

Adaptation: Modification of an existing design or content to adapt to different media, devices or requirements.

Adapter: Device or component that allows the connection or compatibility between different elements or systems. 

Adhesive: Substance used to join or glue different materials together. 

Attachment: A file or document that is attached to an email message or other type of communication. 

Administration: The process of planning, organizing and supervising resources and activities to achieve the objectives of a company or project. 

Administrator: Person in charge of managing and supervising the operation and resources of a system, a network or an organization. 

Adobe: Software company known for its graphic design and image editing applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Airbrushing: A painting technique that uses an airbrush to spray paint in the form of fine particles. 

Airbrush: An instrument used in airbrushing to spray paint in a precise and controlled manner.

Agile: A software development methodology that prioritizes adaptability, collaboration, and rapid response to change.

Album: Book or collection of images, photographs or illustrations that are presented in an organized way. 

Algorithm: A set of instructions or logical rules used to solve a problem or perform a calculation. 

Alignment: The visual arrangement or arrangement of elements in relation to a baseline, an edge, or each other. 

Almanac: A printed calendar showing the days of the year, often accompanied by additional information, such as holidays or events.

Aluminum: Light and malleable metal widely used in the manufacture of objects and structures.

Animation: Process of creating the illusion of movement in a sequence of still images. 

Animated: Having movement or life, especially in reference to digital graphics, images, or characters.

Advertisement: A message or visual communication used to promote or announce a product, service, or event. 

Analysis: The process of examining and breaking down a design, situation, or problem into its individual components in order to understand its operation or make informed decisions. 

Analog: Relating to the representation or transmission of information through continuous signals, as opposed to digital information. 

Application: A software program designed to perform a specific task or function on a computer device or system.

Arc: A curved visual element used to frame, separate, or highlight content in a design.

Art: Creative expression that involves the application of skills and techniques to create visual or conceptual works that convey ideas, emotions, or messages.

Artisan: Person who performs manual or artistic work with skill and skill, generally using traditional or artisan techniques. 

Artist: Person who is dedicated to the creation of works of art using different media, techniques and styles. 

Advice: Guidance or assistance provided by a graphic design expert to advise and provide recommendations on a creative project or process. 

Asymmetry: A lack of symmetry or visual balance intentionally used in a design to create interest or dynamism. 

Asymmetrical: Not having symmetry or visual balance, with different shapes, sizes, or distribution of elements in a design.

Attenuator: A device used to adjust or control the intensity of an audio or visual signal. 

Attire: A set of garments or clothing used for a specific occasion or purpose, which may have distinctive visual or stylistic elements.

Automation: The use of software, tools, or systems to perform tasks or processes automatically, without human intervention.

Authorship: Attribution of creative and original responsibility for a work of graphic design to an individual or entity. 

Avalanche: The uncontrolled flow or amount of information, content, or visuals that are presented in an overwhelming manner.

Alpha Channel: An additional channel in an image or video file that represents the transparency or opacity of pixels.

Art Direction: Function or role in graphic design that oversees and coordinates the visual and aesthetic aspects of a project, ensuring coherence and visual quality.

Graphic Design Dictionary - Letter A

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