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Main Styles in Manga Comics

Main Styles in Manga Comics

Oriental comics, also known as manga (in Japanese) and manhwa (in Korean). There are several famous styles in the world of oriental comics, but I'll mention some of the most recognized ones:

Shonen Manga

This style is primarily aimed at a young male audience and often features stories of action, adventure, and fighting. Popular examples include "Dragon Ball," "Naruto," and "One Piece.".

These stories frequently feature young protagonists who embark on epic quests, engage in intense battles, and overcome various challenges to achieve their goals.

Shojo Manga

 Designed for a teenage female audience, shojo manga usually focuses on romantic themes and interpersonal relationships. Some notable examples are "Sailor Moon," "Cardcaptor Sakura," and "Fruits Basket."

The art style in shojo manga is characterized by delicate and intricate illustrations, often featuring detailed backgrounds and expressive character designs. 

Seinen Manga

Targeted at an adult male audience, seinen manga tackles more mature and complex themes such as politics, violence, and psychological drama. Well-known examples include "Berserk," "Ghost in the Shell," and "Attack on Titan."

Seinen manga delves into complex and thought-provoking subject matter, addressing social issues, political intrigue, existential questions, and the darker aspects of human nature.

Josei Manga

Similar to seinen but aimed at adult women, josei manga explores realistic themes and focuses on relationships and everyday life. Notable examples include "Nana," "Honey and Clover," and "Princess Jellyfish."

Josei manga delves into a variety of themes, including romance, career aspirations, personal growth, and the challenges faced by women in society.

Manhwa Manga

Korean comics, known as manhwa, encompass a wide variety of genres and styles, ranging from action to romance and fantasy. Some popular manhwas are "Tower of God," "Solo Leveling," and "The Breaker."

What sets manhwa apart is its distinctive art style, which often incorporates vibrant colors, intricate linework, and detailed backgrounds.

These are just some of the most famous styles, but there are many more genres and subgenres in oriental comics that offer a great diversity of stories and themes.

Main Styles in Manga Comics

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