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Graphic Design Dictionary - Letter B

Graphic Design Dictionary - Letter B

Blue: Primary and secondary color that lies between green and violet in the visible spectrum.

Balance: Harmonious and balanced distribution of visual elements in a design, taking into account visual weight, symmetry and proportion.

Brush: A painting tool with bristles or fibers used to apply paint or create broad strokes on a canvas or other surface.

Break down: Divide or separate a graphic design into individual parts or components for analysis, editing, or modification.

Blur: A technique or visual effect that softens edges or transitions in a graphic design, creating a softer or blurrier appearance.

Brochure: Printed material in graphic design consisting of several folded pages, used to present information, promote products or services, or convey messages in a concise and attractive manner.

Background: An area or space in the graphic design that lies behind the main elements, providing a visual context and helping to establish the hierarchy and readability of a composition.

Balloon: A graphic element in design that represents a bubble or highlighted area, often used to display dialog, messages, or contextual information in an illustration or design.

Browser: Application or software used to access and view content on the Internet. In graphic design, browsers are important in evaluating how web designs will look and work on different platforms and devices.

Bold: Typographic style that highlights a text by means of a greater thickness and weight of the characters. Bold is used to emphasize words, titles or fragments of text in graphic design, providing greater visual impact and hierarchy in communication.

Branch: A subdivision or category within a field or discipline. In graphic design, a branch can refer to specific areas such as logo design, packaging design, editorial design, among others.

Brightness: Intensity or luminosity of a surface or visual element, usually associated with the reflection of light.

Bounce: In graphic design, refers to the phenomenon in which light reflected from one surface strikes another surface and is reflected back. Light bounce can affect the brightness, texture, and overall appearance of objects in a visual composition.

Borders: Lines or boundaries that surround an object, shape, or area in a graphic design to define its shape or separate it from its surroundings.

Bias: In graphic design, bias refers to the inclination or preference for a particular approach, style, or technique. It can influence creative and stylistic decisions, as well as the selection of visual and typographic elements.

Box: A rectangular or three-dimensional visual element that can contain content, text, or graphic elements in a design.

Brand symbol: A graphic symbol or logo that represents a brand or company. The trademark symbol is used as a distinctive and recognizable visual identification of a company and is used in various marketing and communication materials.

Binding: The process of joining and securing the pages or elements of a book, magazine, or other type of publication in graphic design, using techniques such as stitching, gluing, or banding.

Back cover: The back of a printed publication, such as a book or magazine, facing away from the front cover, often containing supplemental or promotional information.

Business: Commercial or business activity related to graphic design. Graphic designers can offer their services as freelancers or work in agencies, studios or internal departments of companies, providing visual and creative solutions to clients and commercial projects.

Graphic Design Dictionary - Letter B

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